Every year, a large number of individuals are hurt by items that they own, often as a result of their misuse or inappropriate storage. However, you may not be aware that the producers of these goods may be held accountable for any accidents that occur if it is determined that the product did not have enough warning labels and instructions included in the package with it. When it comes to items that have the potential to cause harm if not handled properly, warning labels are essential.

To keep consumers safe and to prevent being held responsible if a consumer misuses a product, manufacturers include warning labels on the packaging of their products. The producer of a harmful product who fails to include the necessary warning labels may be responsible to pay you for any injuries or repercussions that result from the use of that dangerous product. Discuss your issue with a product liability attorney to see if you are entitled to compensation that can help your recovery in the long run.

What Should Be on Product Warning Labels?

Many manufacturers include warning labels on their products, however, the information or instructions on the warning labels themselves may not be adequate to guide a consumer through the process of utilizing their product responsibly. A manufacturer must comply with a set of criteria when it comes to properly labeling their products with warning labels.

A maker is required to inform the customer about the factors that make a product hazardous, what those factors can do to the consumer if the product is misused, and what actions must be done to prevent the dangers of the product from surfacing. If you have been harmed by a product that does not have these warnings on the label, it is critical that you contact a product liability attorney as soon as possible to begin building a case against the responsible party for your injuries.

Can I File a Personal Injury Claim If I’m Hurt By a Product Without a Proper Warning Label?

Not only can you file a personal injury claim if you are hurt by a defective product but it is highly encouraged that you seek out the counsel and advice of a product liability lawyer in Plymouth to ensure your specific accident qualifies for potential financial compensation. If you were injured by a product that did not have a proper warning label, seek the help you deserve by reaching out to a product liability attorney today.

Which Lawyers Understand Product Liability Law?

Although many personal injury lawyers have an understanding of personal injury law, Walter Kelley has handled many product liability cases over the years. He knows what it takes to get favorable results for injured clients like you. For strong and experienced representation, reach out to Walter Kelley today at (617) 295-7319.